Remote Learning Tips for Parents

Remote learning has changed the way kids are learning and has added another layer to parenting. This is new for everyone at Harris and we realize that it's time to set some norms for students and computer time at home. Teachers have been talking to students about school norms and expectations regarding computer use, and we need parent support to help kids learn how to adapt to having their own school laptop to use.

Set up a family technology agreement. You might consider talking about

  • Setting media time limits

  • Taking breaks from technology (phones, tablets, and computers) and focusing on the people around them

  • Putting all devices (including cell phones and tablets) away at night -- (many parents even keep the devices in a place that is off limits to kids)

  • Click here for a sample agreement

  • Please also remind your students that they are not to be using Microsoft Teams when a teacher is not present in the conversation. 

These first few weeks students will have lessons during their Library and Computer Special that are designed for kids to stay safe and balanced online. It would be great if you could do those lessons together. 


Stop Bullying

Help Boost Kids' Safety, Privacy, and Security

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