School Supplies

  • School is Cool donated supplies for every student! 

School starts for grades 1-5 on August 16

  • Kinder:  English Only 8/16
  • Kinder:  Spanish Only 8/17

Open House / School Supply Drop-off:  Friday, August 12, 1:00-3:00 PM

Watch videos below! Just scroll down.


Welcome to Harris Bilingual Immersion School!

Dual Language Immersion education is grounded in the principles of additive bilingualism and cultural pluralism. This orientation views language and culture as a resource, and thus, being bilingual and bicultural as being resource-rich. The goals of dual language immersion education are: (1) High levels of academic achievement in 2 languages, (2) Bilingualism and biliteracy, (3) Encompass culturally responsive learning environments that value inclusivity, equity and the differences of all students and the surrounding communities, (4) Develop students to be adaptive, open-minded, culturally competent and globally aware.